3 Days to Die – Horror Escape Game

3 Days to Die – A horror escape game from Jason’s Haunted House available to play on Android for free.

Haunted House Escape Story:
You are stuck in a dark haunted house of your neighbor Jason, your life is literally hanging off the balance. You have only three days to escape his house or you will die because he is after you.

Features of 3 Days to Die – The Horror Escape Game:
Quality 3D haunted house graphics.
Dark, fearful and scary atmosphere.
Psycho and evil neighbor in this horror game.
Hidden keys & objects to escape rooms.
Good scary realistic music.
Intense horror game with chilling atmosphere.

He hears everything, so you have be extra cautious if you want to live, and discover your way out of the house. Explore cautiously through the dark decaying rooms of your neighbor house in search of unlocked doors or windows. The dead silence sending shivers down your spine as your heart thumps in horror. Find the escape route from your crazy neighbor house, look for clues, hidden objects and keys before he comes find you and escape rooms.

Download now the 3 days to die – horror escape game and enjoy the spooky themed haunted house escape story game where Jason, your crazy neighbor is out for your life, and you have only 3 days to escape in this horror game!
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