Adva SNES SFC CH Simulator

The Adva SNES SFC CH simulator can simulate almost any game at full speed with minimal configuration requirements.

This is the Chinese version of the simulator, which contains many Chinese versions of the game. If you only need the simulator to not need a game, please download the U-S-A version of the simulator at the store.

If you want to play any game, you can tell me, I will add it as soon as possible.

★ Best game compatibility
★ Support 2 times acceleration
★ Support yourself to add games
★ visual effects shader (CRT simulation, high quality 2x / 3x, etc.)
★ Excellent support for external controllers
★ Support network multiplayer games using WiFi or Bluetooth
★ Provide advanced layout editor for screen control
★ Turbo mode fast forward game
★ Super fast support for multiple chipsets
★ Support multiple ROM and compressed file formats
★ useful customer serviceDownload Adva SNES SFC CH Simulator for free
Free download Adva SNES SFC CH Simulator :