An Intro to Fallout 4 VR on HTC Vive

An Intro to Fallout 4 VR on HTC Vive Download for Free

Join Fallout 4 VR’s Lead Producer, Andrew Scharf and Community Manager, Jessica Finster for your first steps through the Commonwealth in virtual reality.

With the power of VR, you’ll be able to get up-close-and-personal with the dangers of a post-apocalyptic world as you fight for survival. Featuring new combat, crafting and building systems fully reimagined for VR – including VR-enhanced V.A.T.S. and a variety of gameplay options including direct movement– Fallout 4 VR isn’t just a jaunt through the Wasteland, it’s the entire game. The whole world is fully explorable. That includes hundreds of locations, characters and quests. This is your opportunity to step into the Wasteland and experience Fallout 4 in a whole new way.

Fallout 4 comes to virtual reality on HTC Vive Tuesday, December 12, 2017.

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