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Angry Bull 2017 by Tapinator, Inc.
It’s finally your chance to play as an angry bull who wants to destroy everything. There are innocent people walking to markets, playgrounds, pools and along the roads. Your goal is to cause as much destruction as possible to earn maximum points. You get to control the crazy bull in a fight against all in it’s path.
By using your Sharp Horns and Powerful Jumps, you will be a force to be reckoned with. Smash and Attack as you feel the thrill of being the most powerful beast in this once peaceful city! Run around town creating rampage, as you furiously fight for your freedom, while the townspeople are attempting to reign over you. Cause as much destruction and damage as possible to achieve the maximum number of points to complete each mission.
Get this – you will get to drive vehicles while you destroy your surroundings for maximum fun! Take part in different sporting activities and become a bull that also happens to be an athlete! You can also boost your speed up by collecting different speed power-ups. Jetpacks are going to help you out, as you will be flying through the air and doing amazing high jumps. Customize your bull with various country flags to choose from. Keep on moving, break down the fences and destroy everything in your sight!
Angry Bull 2017 Features:
• Cool gameplay with thrilling challenges
• Amazing Sound Effects
• Stunning 3D Graphics
• Super Awesome Moves
• Amazing Environments to explore
• Interesting Scenarios to complete
• Multiple action packed missions
• City area and Arena with no shortage of prey and things to destroy
• Realistic Bull Sound Effects
• 3D Bull Running Animations
• Amazing Bull fighting modes to choose for thrilling adventures
• Color your bull with different flag designs
• Bull jumping over hurdles & creating destruction
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Angry Bull 2017 Free Download