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ANIMAL COVE Part #7 Android / iOS Gameplay Trailer | Food Court Area Ep 2

Solve match-3 puzzles to build and decorate a tropical paradise for your growing circle of hilarious talking animal friends, as you unravel an enchanting island mystery.

Make friends with a dapper dog, a nerdy cat, a singing panda, and many more! Unlock the riddle of Animal Cove through hundreds of charming adventures. As the only human that can hear your animal pals, you’ll make their dreams come true in uniquely customized habitats.

Game Features:
● Cute talking animals are your friends!
– Solve mysteries alongside your new BFF Winston the Dog as you embark on a magical adventure.
– Rescue pets? More like Make Friends For Life! Collect clues and accessories as you become best buds with dogs, cats, tigers, pandas, alligators, birds, and other fun characters!

● Fun match-3 puzzles!
– Play hundreds of challenging and exciting match-3 levels.
– Match pieces to create a variety of zany power-ups like the heat-seeking chicken bomb!
– Strategize with “Fusions.” Combine any two power-ups to make game-changing bonus powers!

● An animal paradise designed by YOU!
– Customize and build the best home possible for your talking animal pals!
– Watch animals sing, tell jokes, garden, and more! Enjoy island life by unlocking movies and cinematics featuring your favorite characters at play.
– Restore your tropical home and decorate the island to your style.

Hang out and interact with the animals as they perform hilarious acts and share what’s on their minds. As you explore, you’ll encounter mysteries and problems that only you can solve! Unlock the secrets of the island and design the animal kingdom of their dreams. Come join your new animal friends and play the game for free!

Animal Cove is completely free to install and play. However, some game items can be purchased for real money.


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