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Battle Brawlers by Reality Squared Games
Experience intense 1v1 tug-of-war action as you send wave after wave of your unlocked minions from your battle deck against the enemy forces. Watch them clash, and turn the tide of battle by unleashing powerful spells and abilities at opportune times!
Face other players online in real time as you vie for supremacy on the fields of battle. Adapt to the flow and with a team you like, by unlocking your favorite units as you progress. Find and collect all manner of warriors, ready to lay down their lives again and again for your glory!
Enter the arena, and prove yourself in the great clash!
● Send Hordes of units against the enemy!
● Unlock powerful brawlers to form a strategy!
● Unleash a vast number of spells to help your units!
● Deploy powerful heroes to turn the tide of war!
● Face real players online in 1v1 and 2v2 matches!
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