Beach Volleyball Paradise

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Beach Volleyball Paradise by pascal inc.
Simple Beach Volleyball Game that can oppose with 15 women in the tropical resort place is here!
As for victory or defeat, the player who first gets 7 points wins the match.
Intuitive and very simple operation
Just swipe the ball in the direction you want with best timing.
It’s a simple game that is no complicated operation.
15 unique and attractive female characters
There are 15 female characters with different abilities, such as attack type characters and good characters of pass.
Used characters become stronger whenever you win the game
Character’s Growth is different, such as characters with high growth rates of attack, characters with good growth in speed.
Let’s play the game with character you like!
Further strengthen by training
When you can’t win the match with strong opponents, try to do the training!
You can strengthen the character’s status with the training.
The growth rate will change according to the number of successful training.
Since it is possible to stretch all the status evenly, it is recommended to strengthen a character whose part of status growth is bad.
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Beach Volleyball Paradise Free Download