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From the mindf—k of an intro to a space station overrun with hostile aliens, the world of Prey is packed with peril.

And that’s just one reason that GhostRobo loves Arkane Studios’ “open space station” game. His proudest accomplishment while playing Prey: “Killing the Nightmare face to face,” he says. But even after facing this fearsome foe, he admits he still was caught off-guard at times. His scariest moment? “When you don’t notice a Mimic is in the room and then BAM it’s right in front of you!” Typhon aliens aside, GhostRobo was so drawn into the game’s captivating story that he “loved listening to every single audio log.” He’s not alone here. Indeed, he’s one of the many content creators, YouTubers, streamers and critics who adore Prey.

Now available as a free trial on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Prey is a mind-bending sci-fi adventure that some critics are already calling the “best game of 2017.”

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