Birdstopia Idle Bird Clicker

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Birdstopia Idle Bird Clicker by ArtLogicGames
Birdstopia is a FREE relaxing Clicker Game!
Level up your Tree, unlock beautiful habitats and create your own world! Unlock achievements, boost your growth and create a perfect bird paradise with various alluring birds!
Do you like clicker games? What about tap games or idle games? Capture all different types of birds from all different climates. Experience all the bird sounds from owls, eagles, toucans, blue birds, cardinals and more! Share their habitats with your friends.
Are you ready to TAP?
• TAP the tree!
• UNLOCK new habitats!
• UNLOCK more birds!
• UPGRADE your habitat!
• ADDICTIVE idle game!
• CREATE large nests!
• TAP and enjoy watching the birds!
• BECOME the #1 Clicker Idle Tycoon!
• BEWARE Clicker Games are very addictive!
• GET READY for the best IDLE GAME!
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Birdstopia Idle Bird Clicker Free Download