Blocky Superbikes Race Game – Motorcycle Challenge

This is the time to play Blocky Superbikes and accept this dirtbike trial motorcycle racer challenge simulator!
The motorbike racer where you can choose between super fast motorcycles and drive around in block city!

This superbike simulator game and motorcycle challenge offers you the best at night or day city motorbike racing challenge experience in a great sandbox style environment!
Choose your motorcycle and race the streets of a blocky city!

You can also use nitro power-ups to go super fast with your motorbike! Speed up your superbikes and leave your enemies behind! Are you ready to race with your blocky motorcycle in this amazing challenge full of superbikes?

Features of Blocky Superbikes Race Game Simulator and motorcycle challenge:
– Beautiful motorcycle and pixel art superbikes! Choose from a variety of blocky motor bikes. Select the color and race through the city of blocks!
– Simple and intuitive motorcycle racer controls! Everyone can play the game. Swipe left or right to avoid the traffic and swipe up to jump over the obstacles blocking the road!

The superbike race is about to start! Are you going to accept the superbike racer challenge?
Download Blocky Superbikes Race Game – Motorcycle Challenge for free
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