Civilization Tycoon Evolution Party

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Civilization Tycoon Evolution Party by WazzApps Casual
Explore and conquer the whole new world for your new nation! Merge people, enjoy the level evoluition from the awkward troglodyt to the brave spaceman or mighty cyborg!
With this idle clicker you can create different humans by merging! Inhabit the whole planet and raise up your civilization – enjoy the level evolution! Check your management skills with this combination of world tycoon and idle clicker game!
Love tapping games and evolution games? Start our world exploration game! Each level evolution will bring new professions! Miner, burglar, laborers, hipster, cop, viking, pilot, astronaut – try to get them all! The fate of world evolution lays in your hands! Develop mankind and have fun!
Choose right evolution line and develop your civilization from stone age and bronze age to the futuristic age and mighty cyborgs! Pass through all ancient empire ages! Greece, Rome, Egypt – even vikings, knights and peasants!
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Civilization Tycoon Evolution Party Free Download