Crocodile Attack Mission 3D

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Crocodile Attack Mission 3D by Gamers Pulse Inc.
Hunt the humans and animals on the beach!
Play as a sharp crocodile killer and enjoy the devouring your prey. As a hunger crocodile, you can eat any living thing on the beach across the ocean and sea water. See the world as an angry monster and you can attack on anything. Control your wild alligator in water and on beach land. Attack on the boat person and beach people with your big jaw before they escape. Complete your hunt before time has finished.
Crocodile Attack Mission Sim Features :
– Angry croc missions
– Real water physics, cool crocodile movements and animations
– Fun joystick simulator controls to make the crocodile swam and attack
– Realistic water and beach environment
– Smooth and easy controls
– Control a huge 3d croc
– Fast and action packed game play
– Map of beach and sea water
– Swam around and eat people
– Super fun music
– Excellent 3d graphics
– It’s totally free to play.
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Crocodile Attack Mission 3D Free Download