Death Killer Guarding The City

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Death Killer Guarding The City by WEDO1.COM GAME
The security of the city is suffering unprecedented challenges due to the Criminals, spies, gang members and terrorists.
And you, the hunter who is lurking in the deeper shadows will bring fear and death to them.
Whether it’s crazy rush or assassination snipe, would be nothing difficult for you.
Join the word of “Death killer: guarding the city” and create the legend of the city by your hands.
More than 300 exciting tasks
Realistic scene include day alternates with night
Exciting story will carry you away
Various missions’ targets: sniper, infantry, criminals, terrorist……
Shoot sniper rifle, assault rifles and switch it anytime as you like
Upgrade your gun, build your personality weapons
A variety of item help you to control the situation
Achieve a special goal in the battle, get exclusive achievements
Clear tasks to earn scores, Compete with global players
Show your power and achievements to your friends
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Death Killer Guarding The City Free Download