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A new rogue-lite adventure! Let fate guide your choices and luck be your ally while wandering the desert wasteland.

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Awaken Sky Mage… Your flying ship was damaged in a battle with the Flock. You must recover the parts of your ship scattered across the desert.

Locals describe this place as treacherous. Bandits, mad ancient machines, difficult terrain ‒ anything can happen here.

✹ Search for the missing parts of your flying ship in a non-linear quest

✹ Resource Management is crucial if you want to survive in this rogue-lite adventure

✹ Inspired by the tarot, the outcome of events can change, depending on your play style

✹ Steampunk desert setting and engaging fantasy storytelling will bring your inner Sky Mage to life

Desert Rogues was developed as a rapid game prototype in the style of a rogue-lite resource management game. The whole project took about 1 month. Please leave your feedback in the comments and let us know what you like about the game~!

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