Dino VR Jurassic World

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Dino VR Jurassic World by Tap2Play, LLC
Wondered travelling back in time and spending time with Dinosaurs? The dream just came true with this amazing virtual reality game.
Let’s experience Dino World in Google Card-board or other similar virtual reality devices!
Walk around and witness various breeds of Dinosaurs. You can enjoy their movements and sounds, though you ought to be careful before you interact with them. Explore this vivid island of Jurassic era. See the giant dinosaurs very close to you and feel this amazing surroundings.
The game is optimized for Google Cardboard, but can be enjoyed without gears as well.
Dino VR : Jurassic World Features:
• Amazing Sound Effects!
• Super Cool Graphics!
• Super Dinosaur Moves!
• Amazing Jurassic World to explore!
• Virtual reality thrilling experience!
• Cool Dino Characters for virtual experience.
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Dino VR Jurassic World Free Download