Move from a boring life to a world with endless possibilities. Colorful, bright and cheerful. Build your dream. Be creative. Find a treasure or go on a trip. War for your land or find a new one. Explore, mine resources, survive and build your Dream City.

Crafting System
The change of night and day
Weather system
Over 100 items
More than 15 animals and mobs
Survival Mode and Creative

The game is developed with love and with great attention to detail. We hope for your support.

The game is currently in Beta stage. Above it is a constant development. Before you give a bad rating, please write us a message to and describe your problem. We will try to help you.

What do we do further and what are our plans ?:
The game will eventually be added new game modes. Such as Skyblock, Apocalypse, Zombie Apocalypse and Naturally Multiplayer.

Do not delete the game, wait for updates. In the future, you are waiting for a lot of yummy.
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