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Emoji Life My Smiley Friend by CrazyLabs
Welcome to Emojiville! Adopt your own loveable emoji and take care of it! Which emoji will you choose – happy or sad, silly or shy? Bathe your cute emoji, feed it, and play with it! But most important – love it!
There are so many little loveable emojis that need someone to play with and take care of them. Adopt your very own emoji and make sure it has everything it needs. Dress it up in cool emoji outfits, tuck it into its cozy bed, and more! Which emoji is your favorite?
– Find out how emojis live, and take care of your very own adorable emoji!
– Customize and dress up your emoji with tons of outfits!
– Your emoji is hungry – give it yummy food to eat!
– Grow & care for beautiful flowers in the garden and pick them to get coins!
– Collect emoji cards and enjoy awesome prizes! The better care you take of your emoji, the more you’ll get!
– Bathtime! Let your emoji splash around in the tub while you make it sparkling clean!
– Your emoji needs to relax! Take it to the spa to get pampered!
– Playtime! Have fun with your emoji at the park.
– Tons of awesome emoji-filled minigames to play!
– After all that playing, your emoji’s getting sleepy. Tuck it into bed!
– Your emoji needs a new look! Take it to the hair salon!
– Your emoji needs to use the restroom! Help it!
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