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Epic & Magic by Shenzhen Leyi Network Co., Ltd.
Demon was sealed, but wars never stop!
Over time, the continent was split… flames of wars everywhere… Dark Force emerged… People are dying for someone to lead them out of the darkness and embrace the light! Will you be the leader?!
Join us & start your new adventure in Epic & Magic! Summon powerful Monsters, Assemble a legendary team, Train an invincible army and prove you’re the mightiest conqueror among millions of players! Construct the most splendid buildings, join the fiercest campaigns and battle for the ULTIMATE Victory!
【Classic Features】
• Summon, Power-up and Evolve! Create your own powerful Monsters! Collect as many monsters as you can and assemble the greatest team!
• 26 different Rune Sets to pick and choose additional abilities for your monsters. Make the best of each Monster’s unique skills and come up with the best strategy to win the battles!
• 12 Battle Scenarios & the Orc’s Keep — join a series of award-winning battles and immerse yourself in the epic story!
• Train Various Troop Types with almighty Combat Ability! Lead them into battles & watch them fighting in Real-time Kingdom Map
• Attack & Conquer the Throne to become the King! Use the Unique Power of Giving Titles to your Friends/Enemies in the Kingdom
• Create/Join an Alliance. Team up TOGETHER to knock down all your enemies! Make your Alliance the strongest of all
• Play & Chat Online with millions of friends from all over the world in Real-Time
• Discuss & Strategize with your loyal allies in Alliance Chat
• Build a Great City – Upgrade your Buildings & Walls to strengthen your City
• Conduct Powerful Magic in Mage Guild – Use it as an advantage to enhance your power
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