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Flight Captain 3D by TapSim Game Studio
Fastened up your seat belt to experience the ultimate sky journey that will lead you to a frolic episode. Colossally 3D graphic game that will astonish you to fly in the air. Flight physics are perfect! Go through all of the waypoints and land at your destination. Be careful not to crash!
This is definitely the best flight simulator ever developed for mobiles!
The environment is beautiful island packed with lots of greenery, sea sites & hills, scenario and 3D models of your planes are very detailed, realistic and physics based. Flight Captain 3D offers numbers of levels to play. With all of the excitement and thrills packed into this flying simulation, you’ll become the best airplane pilot. If you get all waypoints and reach the airport on time you will win and attain highest position!
Flight Captain 3D Features:
• Require flying skills in order to complete the missions
• Very detailed 3D model of the planes.
• Autopilot with speed, altitude, vertical speed and heading.
• 3D graphics with astonish scenes
• Smooth and cool background music
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Flight Captain 3D Free Download