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Football Free Kick League by BIT Media Games
Decide the fate of your team! Prove that you are the best! Compete against the strongest, making the most spectacular goals and saves.
Fantastic Football Free Kick and penalty shoutout game will make you feel the tension of playing against the best teams.
Football Free Kick League facilitates practical and convenient free kick strikes and intuitive operation of a goalkeeper.
Perfect your special shots, simply controlling the ball with one finger or making the most impressive saves, by dragging the goalkeeper. Finding the right spot on the gates will lead you to catching the ball in a spectacular jump while playing for goalkeeper.
By qualifying from your group and winning in each and every match of play-off series you will be able to compete with your ultimate rival in a final game of the Soccer Free Kick World League.
Game Includes:
– Realistically looking graphics and animations.
– Ability to play for both a shooting player and a goalkeeper
– Easy and intuitive controls: Shoot the ball with your finger and drag the goalkeeper in order to make monumental saves.
– Broad selection of the best teams from all over the world
– Often updates
– Real-life football situations
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Football Free Kick League Free Download