Football Hero – Dodge, pass, shoot and get scored

The new football era has arrived, it is time to subvert the whole world.

Challenge a generation of legends and become a true football hero!

This is your battlefield! this is your choice!

Game features:
Simple game operation:
Use your mind and skill to manipulate the most unexpected shots, so that the enemy goalkeeper can’t guess what you think! Go bravely score it! Crush it!

Unique character style:
There are footballers with all kinds of skin here.
Have a handsome and handsome football, jerseys, sneakers, etc., let you choose freely!
You will fall in love with this passionate football!

Stronger opponents, higher challenges:
The game modes are diverse. As the game progresses, you will encounter stronger opponents, try to defeat them and prove that you are the first; the game will have more difficult challenges, and you can surpass yourself only by completing more difficult challenges. Take it to the next level!

Next generation 3D picture
Amazing shots
Realistic game sound effects, combined with exciting game music, let you indulge in this football game!Download Football Hero – Dodge, pass, shoot and get scored for free
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