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– NEW WAGERING MODE: Play real opponents and win Gold and Bucks. Winner takes all!
– Win BIG REWARDS in NEW EVENT MODE: Win rewards for Speed Kills, Headshot Kills, Fastest Kills and more.
– Over 40 NEW Avatar Masks to chose from.
– NEW Ocean Lighthouse map.

Welcome to the secret, underground competition of Gun Kings! Elite snipers from around the world are showcasing their skills (and egos) in head to head shootouts to be crowned the best of the best! Do you have what it takes?

Gun Kings matches take place in non-sanctioned battle grounds across the globe that are shrouded in secrecy until minutes before the first shot is fired. Competition and showboating go hand in hand as contestants attempt to climb the Gun Kings leaderboard while increasing their persona, fame, and followers.

– Multi-round, head to head, PVP shootouts with an assortment of high-powered sniper rifles.
– Over 230 unique gear, gun and bullet skins to collect.
– 7 multiplayer arenas ranging from city high-rises, jungle compounds, and desert wastelands.
– Compete against the world in limited-time events and try to be crowned the King of the Day.
– Complete over 70 Reward Collections.
– Increase your number of Fans to increase your Division rank and gain access to more gun and gear skins.

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