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Hello Bully Teacher 3D by TapSim Game Studio
The story is about a naught boy who is bullying teachers & students for fun!
You are a new bully boy in town & has been transferred to High school. You have to play many naughty tricks to tease everyone. Do different evil & mad activities and be a bully boy in school. You are not good at studies & always try to find shortcuts by copying & stealing other student’s homework. Teacher of the school put students like you in detention & punish them. Now it is challenging for you to hide in the High school to do super crazy things.
Activities that you perform are like puncturing your school teacher car tire, changing chemicals in science lab before teacher perform science experiment, throw paper balls at class teacher, steal assignments from teacher’s locker & from class monitor and many more. You must have to complete missions without getting caught in this fun free game. Hello Bully Teacher 3D is a High school story game which makes you feel amazing & amuse.
Hello Bully Teacher 3D Features:
• High Quality 3D Graphics & High School Environment
• Interesting & Engaging Bullying Activities
• Smooth, Easy & Intuitive Controls
• Amazing sounds effects and voice hovers.
• Interesting Game-play
• Fun & Easy to Play
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Hello Bully Teacher 3D Free Download