Hit the Hole

Hit the Hole is an arcade game where your one and only goal is to get a disc in a hole. To do that, you’ll have to make use of the walls in the game. However, the more times you tap the walls, the the lower your score will be in the end … so tap wisely!

The gameplay in Hit the Hole is pretty simple: you start out with simpler levels where the only thing in the playing area of the game is a hole and not much else. The idea is to hit the disc with the right amount of force and the correct angle to get it in the hole on the first try. As you level up, small elements will appear that complicate each play a little more: walls that separate the disc form the hole, circular maps, small mazes, and much more. The idea is to hit the disc so that it lands in the hole with the fewest taps possible.

Hit the Hole is an entertaining arcade game with a simple and minimalist design, perfect for focusing on what’s most important. That is, getting the disc in the hole efficiently. It’s the perfect game for having a good time, anytime.

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