HOLLEO:city stories 3D poly

“HOLLEO” — adventure action-game story which takes place in the city. 3D game in the style of Low Poly with an interesting plot and unusual graphics.

City in trouble you have to help the city. Avoid obstacles with ease, help people. Don’t fall into the trap. Avoid pesky birds, beware of evil cats that want to jump on your head.

Use sleight of hand to maneuver over obstacles and threats, because only you can help this city!

Your path to victory will be full of obstacles, but you can do it!


— Unlock new characters!
— Use your sleight of hand to avoid obstacles!
— Buy new modes of transport!
— A wide variety of levels!
— 2 types of control!
— Play without Internet connection!

HOLLEO — the game of children over 6 years. For more information, please read the user agreement and privacy policy.

Download HOLLEY from Google play and start playing now!
Age restriction of a game 6+
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