Hunting Jungle Animals Fury

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Hunting Jungle Animals Fury by AbsoMech
Welcome to the extreme hunting jungle animals 3D game with new shooting environment and features. We know you have played many sniper shooting, animal hunting and jungle firing games but now enjoy the unique animal hunt jungle game where you have to shoot all animals coming in your way. Kill all the wild animals like bear, tiger and lion. Shoot other animals like pig, deer or stag. Just download and play this sniper hunt jungle animals game and enjoy the different hunting missions. Check your sniper shooting skills of killing deadly animals in modern real hunt jungle animals game. Become the best sniper hunter all over the world.
Hunting Environment
Enjoy the thrilling simulations of extreme deadly jungle animals hunting game with modern killing weapons. It’s a place of horror, fantasy and imaginations of your day by day dreams which you want come true. Experience the wonderful environment with 3D animations and graphics of animals harrowing sounds.
Deadly Killing Mission
Get ready to adventure your life and enjoy different thrilling missions of hunting jungle animals 2017. Prepare your hunting weapons with sniper guns and long range rifles bullets, everything which you need to hunt the terrible bear. Before entering the deadly jungles just make sure that, you have necessary equipment to protect yourself from dangerous tigers and lion.
– Stunning missions of Shooting
– Bear, Lion, deer, tiger and Wild Pig fighting
– Accurate Target Shoot
– Modern weapons
– Sniper Guns and Bullets
– Amazing sound quality
– Fantastic control and 3d environment
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Hunting Jungle Animals Fury Free Download