Idle Monster: Happy Mansion in Click Away Village

Like the simple and interesting farm simulators, but want something new? Then Idle Monster Farm is just for you! This is one of the best farm simulators in the world! Build your own magic house of fun where zombie and monsters practice idle farming. Collect coins and diamonds to become a real farmer! Here, all the monsters are your best friends and your family! These are magic heroes of farm! Create the ideal farming empire! Zombie flowers blossom every day on this magic horror land and witches create their own garden design. Build your city together with the monster league! This is a great garden game about castleville legends which you can play with your friends! Cute funny plants are a part of horror ghost world, but still they are not creepy! Monster characters help you to get coins and diamonds on a huge harvest land!


Simple and interesting gameplay will provide the greatest pleasure from your Monstrous Empire.
Great art and animation! The best monstrous farm on the Internet!
Grow unusual plants, fruits and flowers to make potion. Build world-famous buildings, complete quests and decorate magic towers!
Tend your monster crops!
Help your charming fantastic monsters to grow vegetables. Meet the Tomato and the Ugly Pumpkin!
Breed fantastic monsterous animals!
Become a real Monster Farmer by selling goods on the Mysterious Market!
Build your dream by creating new decorations!
Create your own village family by inviting your friends and neighbours!
Become part of the family and make new friends!
Grow plants and make potion!
Build creepy mansions and castles for castleville legends!
Become a farm hero on a harvest land!
Join the monster league!
Dozens of achievements and challenges for endless fun are waiting for you!
This game can be played both online and offline!

Idle Monster Farm can be played absolutely FREE, although many items are available through in-app purchases.

In general, download. This is a simple and interesting fun game about harvesting and building farms. But the crops here are not vegetables, but creepy plants and potion. However, playing Idle Monster Farm is easy and simple! Feel like an ideal farmer! Build your own unique monster world with charming creatures and mysterious plants surrounding you! Here, every dream comes true!

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