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Incredible Dragon Robot 3D by Tap2Play, LLC
Are you furious, angry , agitated or stressed ? Play as ultimate Transform Robot beast to unleash the wrath of ultimate warrior. With epic flight and Fireball attacking missions, incredible robot is going to take you on a grand attacking missions.
Experience the massive size from all the folklore that surrounds the dragon myths. Incredible Transform Dragon Robot Rampage is an action packed destruction game. Take your dragon robot out and start destroying everything. Control your robot by making strategic movements. City foes are heading you. Beware and destroy them.
Destroy everything : Planes, Jeeps, Cars or even military commando’s to earn maximum points! Your enemies are growing kill them all. Use kick, punch and jump attack to kill humans and destroy things. Teach a lesson to Law enforcers on you way.
Transform your dragon into robot whenever it is needed. Keep moving and destroying all the things in your way. It will make you amazed by its challenging targets.
Incredible Dragon Robot 3D Features:
• Variety of Monstrous Dragons & Robots to choose
• Thrilling dragon flight missions
• Amazing flying and attacking animations
• Beautiful environment with Vibrant 3D graphics
• Realistic Robo Dragon animations
• Smooth and easy controls.
• Fast and action packed gameplay.
• Amazing sounds and visual effects
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Incredible Dragon Robot 3D Free Download