Kloey’s Quest II

The witches has stolen the Dullahan’s head. It is then your task to retrieve it back with the Dullahan as your companion. Explore the map of Sleepy Hollow in this fun and adventurous game!

– Play through different levels solving different puzzles and completing quests.
– Enjoy the typical RPG with a classic, fast-paced battle system that requires great reflexes and quick thinking.
– Customize, boost, and upgrade your character as you progress through the game.
– Laugh out to your heart’s content as our comical hero interacts with different NPCs.

Kloey’s Quest II PLUS features :
– Ad free
– Extra contents
– Bonus dungeon and stories
– More items
– More quests
– More FUN!Download Kloey’s Quest II for free
Free download Kloey’s Quest II :