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Last Apocalypse by wonder game
Last Survivor is a free-building, zombie strategy survival game in a post-apocalypse zombie infestation. There is little time left for friendship or sympathy – a deadly virus has plunged the human civilization to the brink of extinction!
To Survivors of the Order:
Build your camp! Erect taller and stronger walls, and construct a safe haven from the zombie invasion!
Shelter survivors and grow your army! Rescue survivors found on the world map and add them to your ranks.
Join a faction with friends! Humans have split into four factions competing for precious resources. Unite the human race under one banner!
Peace or plunder? It’s your choice! Will you be a peaceful neighbor, or will you be the aggressor who pillages neighboring camps?
Coordinate and Strategize. Plan, attack, and defend with players from around the world. Get together and raid rivals, conquer new turf, and secure crucial resources.
There’s little time to waste! Grab a weapon and let’s go!
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