Last Souls

ATTENTION! The game is now only in Russian. More languages will be added a bit later. All the narrative is divided into chapters, that is, with the release of each update, the game will go up if you buy it now, all other updates will be free. Updates will be released every two days.

After more than half a century since the arrival of the Supreme Dead King and the infiltration of demonic energy into the material world, there is a gradual enslavement of everything and everything in the way of necromancers, new preachers and demons – sowers of corruption. The struggle between the factions of the dark entities and their cults among peaceful cities only aggravates the situation, crushing the already destroyed states. The disagreement in the alliance between the obsessed undead and retained mind vampires in the power of the New Kingdom in the south of the former Empire, perhaps the only thing that stops the Supreme Dead King from capturing the central part of the once great country. In the capital of the First Empire, the city of Embere, there is now no centralized power, and order is maintained only thanks to the constant destruction of all those involved in the dark magic. The court is useless, because in the evening the hills near the city are burning again. What does not prevent semi-material spirits to whisper to the ruling elite seductive speeches.
Strange things are happening in these seedy streets. In addition to gnawed corpses with devilish inscriptions on whole parts.Download Last Souls for free
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