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Legendary Stickman Run by Tap2Play, LLC
He is back for Summer Holidays! Athletic, Energetic, Super Fit, the Legendary Stickman is on a mission to finish the worlds largest obstacle hurdles challenge.
Legendary Stickman Run is an amazing stunt running game that allows you to escape from wipeout stunt arena. The arena contains variety of hurdles and obstacles that makes it extremely challenging. Jump to pass through various hurdles, and maneuver through various platforms to reach destination.
The game contains two modes to enhance users experience namely : FIERY Escape & GALACTIC Escape. It also features various jumping modes. You can always revive using coins to reach higher challenges. You can always use a “Stealth Mode” Cheat to avoid hurdles for certain duration. There are some collectible energy boosters on the way.
Legendary Stickman Run Features:
– Variety of Legendary Stickman costumes to choose
– Smooth Tilt and swipe function to control character.
– Variety exciting stunts missions.
– FIERY Escape & GALACTIC Escape Modes to play
– Realistic 3D visual and cool sound effects
– Responsive, intuitive and Realistic Gameplay
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Legendary Stickman Run Free Download