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Lord of War by Elex
Lord of War. An all new 3D strategy game. You’ll be playing as a legendary lord fighting alongside King Arthur and his Knights against the evil reign of Morgan. Explore territories, obtain Excalibur, search the world and make the right decisions.
Are you the lord we’re looking for?
Game Features
This country has quickly fallen into despair and mayhem in the short year since the disappearance of King Arthur and the Excalibur.
As lord, strange and magical events will occur on your territory. If you want the Black Dragon’s treasure, you can choose to either bribe him or defeat him. A clever lord will make the right decision.
You’ll never be able to defeat a powerful enemy by yourself; you’ll need to fight alongside a powerful alliance to capture more territory, establish trade, build defenses and defend against enemies.
Morgan le Fay is a powerful witch. In order to annihilate her and her knights, players will need to join together to expand their territories, increase their army power, collect legendary relics and defeat all enemies in your path.
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