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Metamons by sMeet Communications GmbH
Whilst exploring on meteorites, mankind discovered a new element – Metamite. Experiments with this new powerful source of energy caused portals to a distant planet to break up and, despite the instability of the portals, some exotic creatures arrived on Earth. Unfortunately, bacteria in our atmosphere infested the peace-loving extraterrestrials – known as the Metamons – and mutated them into fierce monsters. Luckily, one specimen was immune, allowing an antidote to be developed.
Protect the planet from evil monsters and save the Metamons.
● Collect and evolve 45+ unique 3D monsters, including some legendary ones
● Discover 100+ RPG-like skills & talents and learn to master them
● Journey through 20+ beautiful locations and creepy dungeons, challenging powerful bosses
● Build the ultimate team and win battles using strategy and tactics
● Loot treasure to unlock rewards and boost your monster’s powers
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