Mine Build Craft Survival | Blocky Craft

• Construction: A variety of buildings. Who will build the best building?
• Interesting game: playing with animals in the village is so exciting.
• Communication: visit cities built by friends, because in multiplayer mode, play more fun!
• One of the best simulators: start building your home and meet other players.
• Many pixels: enjoy special pixel graphics.
• Pay once and do not suffer because of donation or advertising.
• Choose your character: Stylish look? Anything you wish!
• Incredible buildings: a house with a room and a kitchen? Castle for 10 people?
• New: Get pets and play with them!

You can even get your own furniture!
Building your city is very exciting: you will no longer want to play other games!
Why pay for trimmed versions of games, if you can pay a penny and play the full version of the best game?

Stunning buildings
At the construction site! Attention! March! Get familiar with the game by building a house, school or mine …
Decorate the building with your own design furniture: this is YOUR city, you can do everything to your liking! And when you get comfortable, you can build anything: the Eiffel Tower, or the plane!

Tired of people? Play with the little animals! Take a dog, a cat, a horse or, for example, an elephant!

Come visit
Explore the world! You can enter cities of friends (or enemies)! Who has the biggest village? Help a friend with the construction of a new castle, and later it will return you a hundredfold! Playing with friends is so much fun!

Create and sell
Mine Build does not need modifications, editor or PE. Create new types of blocks, new furniture or drawings of buildings! And the best part – they can be sold for a bunch of diamonds!

The Mine Build game does not require Wi-Fi: this simulator can be played both online and without connecting to the network.Download Mine Build Craft Survival | Blocky Craft for free
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