NY City Bank Manager 2018

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NY City Bank Manager 2018 by Tap2Play, LLC
You’ve just graduated & been hired as a bank manager & cashier at a New York City Bank. Being bank manager and cashier it’s your duty to handle a rush of customers. Bank manager game include the variety of activities in which you have to enter account number, name of account holder & price all by yourself. Help customer to open bank account, to check current balance in account, help customers in cash withdrawal, sort out customer’s issues & paying utility bills. Customer’s information needs to be handled confidentially including name, account number, their current balance.
Game will help you to learn the art of cash management. Become a smart bank manager & cashier. It is a fast paced management game to test your management skills. Customers are your clients so don’t let them get angry or don’t make them wait long. Be a smart cashier & a bank manager and make your clients happy every time they step into the bank.
This is the first 3D City bank manager game of its kind.
NY City Bank Manager 2018 Features:
• Realistic 3D bank graphics
• Realistic ATM balance inquire usage
• Awesome Bank cashier environment
• Learn time management skills as a Bank Manager
• Soothing sound effects
• A fun filled bank management game
• Easy & Fun to play
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NY City Bank Manager 2018 Free Download