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Overkill 2 is a F2P shooter that’s all about shooting… and guns.
Realistic 3D gun models, tight gameplay, missions, tough enemies and more!

Shoot the best and most popular great looking guns that include the legendary AK47, MP5, Magnum, Desert Eagle and P90. There are numerous sniper rifles such as the Russian Dragunov, Walter 2000, Barret M98B, AS50 and more!

Not the subtle type? Then perhaps a heavy machine gun would make you feel good? Just pick M249 or M240B and start mowing the enemies!

Overkill 2 is a gun centric military shooter available for your Android phone and tablet as well as your iPhone or iPad! This arcade shooter is completely free to play!

Go give it a shot. It will test your patience, it well test your skills and reflexes and prove whether or not you’re a sharp shooter and deadly soldier. Your tactical thinking will come to play too. Learn when it’s best to throw a grenade, when it’s best to use a medkit and when it makes most sense to just call for the airstrike and make the enemies evaporate in a massive explosion.

Enjoy multiple play modes:
Race the clock in the timed Head-Shot Zone.
Stay alive in the endless Survival Mode.
Play against other players in GunMaster turn-based multiplayer.
Get head-to-head with other players in realtime multiplayer.
Participate in weekly tournaments and 4-day contests and win great prizes.
Take part in global realtime missions and collect bonus money, medals and XPs!

Check the official website for more information!

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