Overkill Multiplayer – HD Gameplay Trailer

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All multiplayer tiers are now FREE (no OMS needed to enter the Arena).

Overkill Multiplayer is here! DOWNLOAD THE GAME FOR FREE!

Head-to-head online (wifi or 3G) play with two tiers of gameplay.

For less experienced players, the Novice Tier offers battles featuring slower-paced enemies who require fewer shots to kill. Players are issued a standard UMP 45 submachine gun with unlimited ammunition, and game play is limited to 90 seconds or 1,000 points per round.

More skilled players can upgrade to the Elite Tier, featuring enemies who are faster and harder to kill. Elite players compete using M16A4 SPECOPS rifles that can be upgraded to include additional stocks, magazines, scopes, foregrips and other accessories. Elite Tier competitions last up to to 2,000 points.
The Elite Tier is FREE.

Next is SNIPER RSASS REMINGTON. 0% halo effect but a bloody surprise! Have a rest for a while and pop off some brains from the comfort of your hideout with our mastered de-enemizer — just zoom, snipe and watch the panic…

We’ ve brought on support items like Stun grenades which you can use in game. Don’t miss on this opportunity and get serious in wiping smiles off your opponent’s faces. Get all this new stuff plus Flashbang and uncompromising Airstrike for OMs.
Invite 5 NEW friends and you get 5 OMs as a gift!
Daily bonus and much more!


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Free Download Overkill Multiplayer – HD Gameplay Trailer