Pirate Brawl Strategy at Sea

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Pirate Brawl Strategy at Sea by Spartonix
True captains show no fear in the face of danger. Assemble the strongest crew of pirates to ever sail the seven seas, and plunder every ship that comes your way. Brawl against other players to earn your place as the mightiest scourge of the seas!
Pirate Brawl is simple and easy to play, this game is a combination of strategy, pirates and some funny jokes. It requires you to plan how to protect your ship and plan your attacks carefully (just sending random pirate crews won’t cut it) in order to win every brawl and make your Captain The Captain of the Seas.
A funny strategy game from Google’s Top-Developer Spartonix, and it’s an extremely small weight game! – under 20MB!
Game Features:
✔ Recruit and upgrade your pirate crew
✔ Win brawls to advance through the different islands
✔ Place your defending pirates strategically and defend against other players’ attacks
✔ Each character in your crew has unique specialties, use them strategically
✔ Use traps and spells to your advantage during brawls
✔ Brawl against other players worldwide and take their Gold and Trophies
✔ Discover your favorite attack and defense crews from countless combinations of pirates
✔ Watch replays of every battle – Watch your pirate crew during a brawl to improve your strategy
✔ See how you compare to other players worldwide in Google Achievements and Ranking
✔ Pirate themed graphics and sounds with adorable, funny characters
✔ Free action charged strategy game – Careful planning and strategy leads to VICTORY!!
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Pirate Brawl Strategy at Sea Free Download