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Ahoy! Welcome to Pirate League!, the game in which you get to live out your dreams of being a pirate, aboard your very own pirate ship. As a buccaneer, your task is simple: engage in battle with your enemies on the high seas, and destroy them to win.

As in the real world of Pirating, you have allies to fight alongside, and enemies to fight with. To prove your worth to your allies, purchase bigger ships, and more impressive upgrades. Collect bounty, loot, and treasure from across the high seas to build your strength, and prove your strength as a formidable ally and opponent. The more experience and strength you have, the more alliances you will form; the more alliances you have, the easier it will become to destroy your enemies and rule the high seas.

Think you have what it takes to join the Pirate League!? Try it for yourself today.

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