Plasma duct – Premium Game

The game is intended only for the most generous, rich and sophisticated players!
For most, this luxury app is too expensive!
In this game, you will find the original implementation of the good old-fashioned water supply system, but here you control, not with pliable water, but powerful plasma sources. Rotating elements need to connect all sources, consumers and conductors of the plasma.

You will find 520 original levels of complexity from 3 * 3 to 8 * 8, all levels with are designed using a neural network and are designed to hide the right decisions from the player as much as possible.
If it seems to you that the game will be simple, we can assure you that the first difficulties will arise already on the complexity of 4 * 4. Try your hand!
There is a hint system, try it and you will not regret it!Download Plasma duct – Premium Game for free
Free download Plasma duct – Premium Game :