Prey – Crazy Powers, Wacky Weapons & Ham

Prey – Crazy Powers, Wacky Weapons & Ham Download for Free

OK, let’s say you have access to futuristic technology– some real heavy sci-fi stuff, like a machine with the ability to produce almost anything you want. What would you create first? A powerful weapon so you can take over the world? A much-needed resource to help your fellow man? Or… ham?

From weapons to abilities to areas within Prey’s alien-infested neo-deco space station, the developers share their favorites – and along the way, reveal some secrets about their game… and themselves. Watch our video to find out even more about Prey – and the people who made this critically acclaimed game.

Now available as a free trial on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Prey is a mind-bending sci-fi adventure that some critics are already calling the “best game of 2017.”

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