Prey – Talos I & the Neo-Deco Future

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Explore the dark secrets of Talos I when Prey releases in 2017 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Learn more at

In Prey, you find yourself aboard a space station, hunted by aliens, desperate to not only survive but also unravel the enigma of your own identity. But it’s not just extraterrestrial threats that you’ll encounter. The space station Talos I is as much of a character as Morgan Yu in this gripping first-person action game from Arkane Studios. Morgan Yu awakens in 2032, but it’s an alternate future as imagined by Arkane – a branching timeline that (among other things) includes President Kennedy surviving his assassination attempt. In Prey’s version of the future, the U.S. has built an even stronger space program, with Talos I emerging as a space station unlike anything you’ve seen in movies or games. Learn more about Prey’s “neo-deco” vision of the future – and Talos I itself – in our interview with Creative Director (and Arkane’s President) Raphael Colantonio.

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