Puzzle King Plaza

In this cool collection, you can not only enjoy the most classic puzzle gameplay, perfect special effects, but also a smooth feel to let you experience the fun of the game!

👍Colorful colors – classic games that let you reopen your childhood memories.
You can pause at any time in the game and you can continue at any time!👍

💎The rules are simple, open to get started!

How to play :

★ – Eliminate the hexagonal arrangement of different shapes in the specified square to win the highest score!

★ – Eliminate the combination of bricks of different shapes in the specified square to win the level!

★ – Eliminate the combination of different numbers in the specified squares, perfect special effects, different experiences!

★ – Split a picture into different shapes, find patterns to restore pictures, stimulate the brain, solve problems!

★ – The most classic square elimination game, find the fun of the same year, challenge the highest score!

★ – Eliminate the same number of bricks and enjoy a cool game full of fun and magic anytime, anywhere!

★ – Match two or more bricks of the same color to clean the board. While the bricks are blasting, the fun of the game is multiplied!

🌈No matter how long you walk, Puzzle King is waiting for you here!

The picture is simple and fresh, and the eyes will not be exhausted for a long time.

Direct screen operation without the need to find buttons.

Free games, no need for WiFi or internet links.

🌈There are different gaming experiences in each level! Get a higher score? Get more rewards? Make more clever smashing cubes, just you need to use your fingers to get started!

🌈Download this fun and fun casual game now and enjoy the charm of the puzzle game!
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