Rich Dad 2018 A Family Sim Game

Rich Dad 2018 A Family Sim Game Download for Free

Rich Dad 2018 A Family Sim Game by TapSim Game Studio
You are a billionaire. Let the extravagant fun begin.
The game is all about living a luxury life style of a rich dad and his family. Dad is the business tycoon and billionaire in town. Start the game by taking your family to a palace on helicopter. Invite your friends to your new palace and give them a lush party. Buy your dream car. Experience the luxury activities, you are invited to a beach party, go to beach, play volleyball and enjoy the party, take your family to shopping, buy yacht for family vacation, gift an expensive diamond necklace to your wife and lots of activities are waiting for you. An opportunity to finally live all your fantasies in this virtual game.
Swift and smooth gameplay will make assigned tasks much interesting for your fun. New highly detailed 3D graphics and a slick user interface take your gameplay experience to the next level. Engaging chores with twists will amuse you!
Live life king size!
• Interesting game play and multiple 3D levels.
• Live life of Billionaire Capitalist Dad
• Efficient and intuitive controls
• Lavish and Exciting fun filled tasks.
• Realistic sounds and graphics in this virtual game.
• Fun & Easy to play
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Rich Dad 2018 A Family Sim Game Free Download