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Scary Goat Space Rampage by Tap2Play, LLC
When Scary Goat becomes more destructive earth people dispatch it to space. It’s a real scary & crazy goat who fights, attacks & create demolition around it. It has multiple super powers & grab its victim with grapple like tongue. Control a super mindless crazy goat and wreak rampage destruction around galaxy with new powers. It’s now between the aliens kill & explode them. Run, Get & Kill them before they run away.
The more destructive it is the more its gain power & health. Multiple super powers include strap rocket, fire shoot attack, iron horns, high jump power & many more to come. Amazing & Scary Goat textures to choose from. Scary Goat Space Rampage is a target base free fun game to enjoy. As soon you complete the levels difficulty will increase gradually. Smash & destroy everything that comes in your Space way. Its 3D galaxy environment & graphics with engaging game play going to lead you on a journey of excitement & amusement.
Scary Goat Space Rampage Features:
• Different scary & amazing goat textures to choose from
• Variety of super powers with unique grapple like tongue
• Space & galaxy 3D environment with ultimate thrill
• Engaging game with excited twist & turns
• Sounds and visual effects for maximum thrill
• Action packed target based levels
• Easy & Fun to play with Smooth controls
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Scary Goat Space Rampage Free Download