Scary Vampire Transform WereWolf

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Scary Vampire Transform WereWolf by TapSim Game Studio
Never Moon A Werewolf!
Scary Vampire – Transform WereWolf is all about Vampire by Day-Werewolf by Night!
Out from the shadows comes your worst nightmare – the Werewolf! Only this time, you are in control. You have the complete command on both worlds either vampire or a werewolf. This beast is super strong, and nothing will stand in his way. Howl to the moon and run free through the city streets and roads as a werewolf or as a vampire during the night. Your strength is those sharp claws, acute sense of smell, and tenacious jaws & also your super powers. Use your powers and scare your foes!
Go in search of adventure with full of thrilling experience. Survive in a massive world of wilderness that’s filled with new dangers and peril. Obstacles are heading your way, your enemies are growing up, demolish them & make your mission complete.
Open the Pandora of fight, action, thrill & adventure to have a blasting experience of rampage. Prepare yourself for ultimate fun and thrill with amazing experience.
Scary Vampire – Transform WereWolf Features:
• Scary Vampire with unique werewolf transformation
• Different scary & amazing super powers
• City streets environment with ultimate thrill
• Engaging game with excited twist & turns
• Sounds and visual effects for maximum tingle
• Action packed target based levels
• Easy & Fun to play with Smooth controls
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Scary Vampire Transform WereWolf Free Download