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Sea Dragon Simulator by TapSim Game Studio
Sea Dragon Simulator is here to give you that experience. Play as treacherous predator of the ocean. You are a giant big beast with insatiable appetite who can hunt & eat everything that comes in his way. Attack boats, ships, and ski jets to feed your monster. This brute can feel & smell the prey near it. Use your charge attack to break the underwater mirror tunnels, grab people & rip them apart. Use your sharp jaws to create havoc before they breakout.
Watch out! You have to use your combo power to save yourself from other sea monsters, they will attack you, injure you & kill you. This is real underwater rampage adventure & sea environment experience! Complete your hunt & fulfill your hunger as fast as you can before you get hunted. Show no mercy, Chase your prey, attack and grab it in the sharp jaws to kill instantly.
So, Its time to feed your monster!
Sea Dragon Simulator Features:
• Realistic underwater sea experience
• 3D graphics, ocean & beach environment
• Thrilling hunting experience with sea dragon monster
• Variety of missions with graduating difficulty.
• Smooth & intuitive controls
• Easy & fun to play
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