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Download the craziest team-based shooter on mobile and have FUN now!

Join the Star Crew project, rescue the Universe (well, not really, but you player need some motivation…) and reunite your crew of epic pilots in a the best team-based shooter on mobile!

– Sweet one handed gameplay
– The most badass flying burger ever made
– Gazillions of vicious and colorful aliens to shoot at, just for the LoLz
– Unique arcade gameplay that will keep your thumb dancing like its Saturday
– Bosses so epic they’ll make SPACE GREAT AGAIN
– OMG, the graphics guys! Have you seen these screens above?
– 35 pilots to collect, cherish and brag about on all your social feeds #checkmyburger
– Billions of unique planets and galaxies to explo…, oh wait that is that other game… We just have 4 planets and 75 levels for now…
– Did I mention we had put a flying burger in that game? It even comes with a complimentary burger box spaceship
– But also a bear of war, a piggy tank, the cutest she-devil in hell, a samurai grand dad, a mecha-pug and much more!

The most quantic update ever!
– Smoother and faster flow
– Completely revamped interface
– More boss battles
– Minor bugfix

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