Stick Neighbor Battleground Royale

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Stick Neighbor Battleground Royale by GENtertainment Studios
Gear up for the most intense street war ever witnessed. Your Neighborhood is threatened which requires a warrior to rise and save the day. Enemies have spread all over the city. It’s up to you. Prepare yourself for the final clash and enter the battleground to counter all hostile enemies.
Game consists of two modes : Campaign and Battle Royale. In its campaign mode show no mercy to your enemies and win the arena back. Campaign mode consists of various levels loaded with action and combat. Each level offers variety of weapons which can be used against the enemy.
In its Battle Royale mode fight against online players and keep the battlefield under your control by collecting weapons and using them against your enemies. This battle simulator offers multiple stickman characters for you to choose. Its online fighting missions provides a realistic and engaging combat experience. The ultimate objective is to eliminate your enemies and survive till the end. Display your shooting and fighting skills to overpower anyone who opposes you.
Tap the punch button to smack down your enemies. Joystick enables easy maneuvering around the city. Tap the jump and slide button to avoid enemy contact and block button to defend yourself. Collect advanced weapons and tap the fire button to shoot down your enemies. Medical kits around the city will help you in regaining strength.
Now Let’s jump into this battle and snipe to claim victory!
• Action Loaded Missions!
• Thrilling Battle Environment!
• Great 3D Graphics!
• Realistic Shooting Sounds!
• Smooth and Easy Controls!
• Different Variety of Troops and Commanding Soldiers!
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Stick Neighbor Battleground Royale Free Download